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It's no secret that a watch styling your timepiece is both classic and dapper and plays a role in both casual and classy attire. But knowing which timepiece you should purchase is not as easy.  In this article, we'll break down some major difference makers in picking out that perfect fit for your needs.

Where To Start

Watch styling is an investment in something you will wear frequently so you want to make sure it checks off all your boxes.

  • First and foremost, you want to make sure you think about quality. Invest in a stainless steel case that has ion plating to ensure the longevity of the gold, rose gold, or black accents.
  • Second, you'll need to consider the movement. Choose a reliable Japanese quartz movement or invest in an automatic movement. Watch styling automatic movement watches has more complicated mechanisms that don't require the use of a battery but rather are powered by your wrists natural movement. Here's a simple guide to automatic watches

Watch Styling

There are three majors components of a watch styling a timepiece that you want to consider - the dial design, the strap color, and the case color.

You want to figure out if you appreciate a more complex dial design with multiple callouts (like the Lancaster Bomber) or a more subdued, classic aviator timepiece style. Here's an overview of the history of the pilot watch.

"The dial is the heart and soul of the timepiece and what most people will notice, so be sure to spend time on selecting the right one that speaks to you."

In terms of color, there are a few "rules" you can abide by, but it's also good to remember that this is all about you - wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident, this is always paramount. Take a look at some of these watch styling rules below to get yourself started. 

  • Match your metals: if you are wearing any other jewelry with your watch style, try your best to match the case color accordingly.
  • Match your leathers: you're probably familiar with the rule about matching your belt and shoes. Same idea here. Brown with brown, black with black.
  • Keep your outfit in mind: when choosing your timepiece, consider the type of outfits you wear. Do you generally wear darker clothing? Go for an all-black timepiece. If you lean towards a more neutral palette, pick a timepiece that will complement that aesthetic, like our Hawker Hurricane watch.

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Enjoy Your Timepiece

Wear your timepiece on your non-dominant wrist, this way your watch styling doesn't get in the way when you're writing. If you're layering up, you'll want to make sure the timepiece is at least partially visible - you want to be able to read the time after all! 

As soon as you begin styling your watch regularly, you'll start to feel naked without one. You'll find that often times, it actually helps to bring the whole outfit together. It's a great addition to work attire and shows punctuality. 

One hidden benefit of a classic timepiece in this day and age - the lack of need to check your phone! This will keep you on task and undistracted, something we could all use a bit more of today. Explore our full line of aviation-inspired timepieces here.

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